Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Day with Ruby


foel said...

Ruth, I feel a little like a snooper on your page, I barely know you, and Im here, again, looking at your family pictures. But your pictures are so good! So pretty and precious! Very special. Scott sent me some of the photoshop tools you have been using and its been exciting but a lot of work to control them. Its great to see what can be done with them looking at your photos. And, the kids are cute too! And... I like the stories too... ! Anyway, I hope Im not making your audience too big. Its just so fun to check in to your new pics! The new pictures only blog is a VERY good idea. Looks like a great place for creative output in addition to the stories page. Thanks for putting things up!
-joel fox

rookie cookie said...

Dear Katie, you make cute babies. Keep it up.
Love, Whitney